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Breath Relax

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BreathRelax : Master your Stress .With only 3 exercises per day for 6 breaths per minute during 5 minutes.Based on many years of scientific research and the Yogic BreathRelax application was developed to provide a simple and efficient method against the leading cause of disease in the world means : Stress .
One of the basic elements of Hatha Yoga breathing is called Prana. An Indian proverb tells about it : " breathing well, is living well ."
In the scientific side , medical research on neurocardiaology give evidence that Brain and Heart beat in unison . If our mind and emotions affect the heart rate , heart rate also has an impact on our brain. In case of stress when the pressure is too high it interferes negatively our cardiac and respiratory rates.
Heart and Brain therefore have their own resonant frequency, called cardiac coherence and syncs around 0.1 Hz. This cardiac coherence is reaching its optimal between 4-7 complete breaths per minute .
It is from these findings that we sought to achieve a simple application, available at every moment and able to help you regain self control on stress , fear or anxiety events. The goal is to find a state of calm within only 5 minutes.
To help you find your optimal frequency, settings are editable in BreathRelax . In adjusting the number of breathing will help you find your ideal frequency synchronization. At the beginning we advice you to use the default settings.
Setting BreathRelax application.
Set the duration of the session from 3 to 9 minutes.Set the number of breath per minute from 4 to 7Select the desired state :- Calm : inhaling and exhaling the same time 50% / 50 %- De-stressing : expiration longer than inspiration 60%  / 40%- Energizing : inspiration longer than the expiration of 40% / 60%
Do not hesitate to practice BeathRelax before a stressful eventlike: speaking in public, an interview, an  examination, a romantic encounter, your performance will be even better ...
Technique to help you breathe correctly.To inhale1 / Inspire and start inflating the stomach to lower the diaphragm to facilitate the opening of the ribcage.2 / Then open up your chest and gently push the ribs to the sides .3 / Finally open up the rib cage pushing slightly upwards to below the clavicles .To exhale1 / Exhale deep gently by opening the  mouth slightly .2/ Go back up the diaphragm, by growing hollow your stomach. This will naturally bring your ribs and clavicles back to their normal position.
In all cases you should not force breathing. Breathe quietly until you find your rhythm.
What can we expect when using BreathRelax ?
- Well-being- Calming- Reduction of stress- Less apprehension- Less fatigue- More vitality and rhythm- Better management effort- Improved oxygenation of the brain- Improved functioning of the body- Positive health outcomes with only 5 minutes of practice for five hours effect.
BreathRelax : Controlling your Stress with only 3 breathing exercises a day for 5 minutes at 6 breaths per minute.